Made with Xara Shadetree Engineering & Accuracy 10099 FM1565 TERRELL, TX 75160-8588 Our New Look! We have updated our website and hope the new look will be easier to use and our intent is keeping it more current. We have revised our product offerings to reflect what you, the users, are asking for and allowing us to focus on these key products. We have added a clickable link to our instruction sheets for those of you needing them.   Our Goal: Building relationships in support of the accuracy shooting community. Benchrest target style shooting brings a vast and diverse mix of individuals together to share the sport’s ideas and techniques. We’d like to share some of the innovations and products that we’ve developed or helped devolop to make our groups smaller.     Contact Us: We welcome your input. Butch Lambert Office: 972-524-2247 Cell: 972-567-8166 Office Hours M-F 9am-6pm CST