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Don't settle for just ANY shooting rest. Make your groups smaller with the Shadetree Co-Axial Rest Top engineered for competitive shooters. Improve your accuracy today! Order Now

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Our Goal: Building relationships in support of the accuracy shooting community. Benchrest target style shooting brings a vast and diverse mix of individuals together to share the sport’s ideas and techniques. We’d like to share some of the innovations and products that we’ve developed or helped develop to make our groups smaller.

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We manufactuer and sell the Shadetree tops for brenchrest & F-Class shooters. Our tops are held to the highest quality standards to ensure the best tolerances to tighten your groupings. Below are our products, if you have any questions about which shooting stand to use before ordering contact us.

We have added a clickable link to our instruction sheets for those of you needing them.

  • Our famous joy-stick bench rest shooting top. Featuring a wide range of adjustments allows for 20 plus inches of vertical and horizontal motion at 100 yards.

    $395.00 More
  • Replacement Farley shooting base tension screws with Delrin insert. These replacement screws will give a much better feel to the action of the rest.

    $30.00 More
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